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Maya Shenfeld is a Jerusalem born Berlin-based composer and musician. In her practice, Shenfeld explores the intersection between modes of musical production used in popular, electronic, and experimental music. Her debut solo album In Free Fall was released on Thrill Jockey records in January 2022 and featured on Fact magazine, Berliner Tagespiegel, the Guardian, and as number one experimental album of the year on Stereogum. Following the release, Shenfeld presented In Free Fall and variations thereof in Kings Place (London), Blitzclub (Munich), Meakusma Festival (Eupen), Roter Salon (Berlin), Elb Philharomnie (Hamburg), Heart of Noise (Innsbruck), and more.

In 2022 Shenfeld scored two short films, Piazza Futura by Kevin b. Lee (Locarno Film Festival) and the Flagmakers by Cynthia Wade and Sharon Liese. The Flagmakers won an Emmy award for the best short documentry and was shortlisted for an academy ward. Shenfeld has previously written music for EMI’s production music library which is synced internationally on documentaries, drama, and radio.In addition to her work as a composer and performer, since 2020 Shenfeld has been working as a researcher and educator for Ableton's learning team.

Shenfeld is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the University of the Arts (UdK) Berlin, where she completed an MA in classical guitar and contemporary music composition. Notable compositions and sound installations include the Gay Guerrilla Girls (Diappaearing Berlin, Schinkel Pavillon e.V), Five Compositions for the Enviromental Song (Institute for Contemporary Arts, KW, Berlin), Outline (Jewish Museum Munich), Circles for youth choir (Klangwerkstatt festival Berlin).

Shenfeld is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships including Initiative Musik, Berliner Senat Arbeitstipenidum, Musik Fonds, Goethe Institute, GEMA scholarship, the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship, the DAAD scholarship, and the University of the Arts Berlin. She produced in the framework of multiple residencies, among them Amplify Berlin and EMS Stockholm.

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